4 Ways to Assess Liability In A Las Vegas Merging Accident

4 Ways to Assess Liability In A Las Vegas Merging Accident

A merging accident is a type of automobile accident that occurs when two vehicles collide. Drivers of both cars are typically equally at fault for the accident, which usually means that Liability will be split between them. However, there may be other factors to consider in determining who should pay what portion of each driver’s damages.

In this post, we’ll review four ways to assess Liability in a Las Vegas merging accident and their implications on your case.

The Rule of Two:

Under the rule of two, each party is liable for 50% of their respective damages. This option is typically favorable to defendants because it results in a smaller payout than other options. On the downside, it may result in plaintiffs being required to pay more money out-of-pocket if they want to recover 100% coverage.

Proportionate Liability Penalties According To Fault Levels:

In some jurisdictions, drivers are assessed according to fault levels, with higher percentages going towards parties found at a greater fault or caused more damage. For example, say that one driver was determined 60% responsible and another 40%. If there were $5000 in damages, the first driver would be liable for 60% or $3000 while the other would have to bear 40%, totaling $2000.

Forcing The Defendant To Pay A Penalty:

There are cases where one party is found 100% at fault and another 0%. In such a scenario, some jurisdictions’ laws will force the defendant to pay a penalty of 50%. Under this option, if there were $5000 in damages with each party deemed equally guilty, both parties must split these losses evenly – that’s 2550 per person.

Compensating One Party With Money From Another (Punitive Damages):

Some states allow punitive damages when assessing Liability; this means that one party may be forced to pay the other a certain percentage of their damages. For instance, if there were $5000 in damages and the plaintiff’s driver was found 30% responsible and the defendant’s 100%, then both drivers would have to split these losses 50-50 with punitive damages applied against the defendant for their additional fault.

The best way to handle such situations is to hire a personal injury lawyer who’s aware of Las Vegas Adam S. Kutner motor vehicle laws and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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