Tips on Enjoying a 21st Birthday Night Out

For a lot of young adults in the United States, their 21st birthday is a night to remember. It’s the first night that they can go into a bar and drink! So they’ll get dressed up, pile a bunch of their friends into a taxi, and go to their first bar and paint the town red. If your 21st birthday is coming up soon, here are some tips to make it as fun (and safe) as possible!

  • Drink water before going out

A common thing is to not drink a lot of water before heading out, as to not “break the seal” and spend half of the night in the bathroom. It’s better to use the restroom a lot than to drink too much alcohol and end up dehydrated halfway through the evening. Drinking plenty of water can also cut back on the severity of your first hangover.

  • Eat something beforehand

Now, I don’t recommend a super heavy meal, because nausea and vomiting can set in pretty quickly, but a properly balanced meal can give you the energy you need to get through the night feeling great.

  • Pace yourself

A recent trend on social media is to take 21 shots the night of your 21st birthday. Don’t. Just don’t. Your body cannot process that much alcohol that quickly, and you’ll be lucky if the worst thing that happens is a night spent getting sick in your bathroom. Alcohol poisoning can be fatal, so don’t overdo it your first night out.

Besides, everyone wants to remember their 21st birthday, don’t they? You’ll have a much better time if you go slow and steady, making sure to alternate with water.

  • Wear comfortable shoes

We all want to look our best when going out and taking photos to commemorate a special occasion! But, if it’s your first night drinking, you’re probably going to be a little bit off-balance after a little while.

In addition to blisters, you can easily hurt your ankle if you slip while walking. Ending the night carrying your heels in your hand is not only gross, but you can easily step on glass or other undesirable things. Ditch the heels and opt for flats or stylish sandals. Spending your big night in the emergency room sounds pretty miserable if you ask me.

  • Don’t get behind the wheel after drinking

Don’t drink and drive. Ever. Anyone who says “I’m a much better driver when I’m drunk because I’m being that much more careful” deserves to have their license revoked.

Chapman Injury Lawyers specialize in collisions with drunk drivers and they have experience with the matter; they say that there is never a single instance in which driving while under the influence is a good idea.

Consider taking a ride-share service or asking a friend to be your designated driver before you go out. A lot of bars will offer free soda or non-alcoholic drinks to people who say that they’re driving, so if you’re looking to save money but still go out, consider being the chauffeur for the night! A solid friend group can rotate this job from week to week so everyone has a chance to drive their friends home.

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