Tips on How to Avoid Drunk Driving Arrest at Christmas

Tips on How to Avoid Drunk Driving Arrest at Christmas

Drunk driving arrest during Christmas time is a scary thought, but it’s important to know the steps to take if you find yourself in that situation. It can be hard enough getting out of prison, so having an idea of what to do beforehand will make things go much smoother.

There are many ways for people with drunk driving arrests at Christmas time to get out of prison and back on their feet again. This article by Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates will discuss how you can avoid being jailed during the holidays and still enjoy your family!

1) The first step is not to get arrested for drunk driving. This sounds like it should be obvious, but often people don’t think about the consequences of their actions until they’re on the other side. Having a plan can keep you out of trouble and then eventually jail during Christmas time!

An example of an actionable item in this category would be to make a plan for how you’ll get home if you’re planning on drinking. Take the bus or call an Uber, and don’t drink and drive!

Another great way to avoid getting arrested is by not driving at all. This can be difficult with so many people traveling around town during Christmas time, but it’s worth it in the end.

2) If you’re already in jail for drunk driving, there are a few ways to get out of prison. One way is by taking responsibility and pleading guilty. This will give you less time behind bars during the holidays!

Another option is to plead not guilty if you believe that there was no crime committed. There’s also getting an attorney to help with your case. You can connect with a good traffic violation lawyer immediately to make sure that your holiday time doesn’t end up behind bars.

The last way to get out of jail for drunk driving is by posting bail. If you can’t post the entire amount, there are other options like a bond company that will be able to help you out.

With these tips in mind, hopefully, Thanksgiving and Christmas time will go much smoother!

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